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Journal Issue
Volume 2 Issue 2 / Jul 2003  pp47‑170

Editor: Arthur Money

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Conceptualising Participatory Action Research — Three Different Practices  pp47‑58

Stefan Cronholm, Göran Goldkuhl

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The Undergraduate Dissertation: Subject‑centred or Student‑centred?  pp59‑66

Tina Shadforth, Brendon Harvey

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Increasing business students' Confidence in Questioning the Validity and Reliability of their Research  pp67‑76

Teresa Smallbone, Sarah Quinton

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Multi‑perspective Management Research: Fusion or Confusion?  pp77‑84

Les Worrall

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Grounded Theory and the 'And' in Entrepreneurship Research  pp85‑94

David Douglas

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Using a Multimethod Approach to Research Enterprise Systems Implementations  pp95‑108

José Esteves, Joan Pastor

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Using the Glaserian Approach in Grounded Studies of Emerging Business Practices  pp109‑120

Walter Fernandez

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Issues in Online Focus Groups: Lessons Learned from an Empirical Study of Peer‑to‑Peer Filesharing System Users  pp121‑136

Jerald Hughes, Karl R. Lang

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The development of easy‑to‑use Internet tools for synchronous communications has made a new research method possible: online focus groups. Attempts to apply them to questions formerly addressed by face‑to‑face focus groups have resulted not only in promising avenues for research, but also in substantive criticism. We have chosen to adopt online focus groups as a research methodology for a qualitative study of user beliefs and attitudes concerning peer‑to‑peer filesharing systems. This project is still in its early stages, so herein we describe not confirmatory findings of rigorous research, but the issues raised by our exploratory study, and indications of important issues to address in the use of online focus groups. This paper also demonstrates a novel analysis method which visually maps one of the unique characteristics of such groups, multi‑threaded simultaneous conversations, and uses such maps to identify some notable tendencies and behaviors. We also identify some typical participant strategies we have observed, describe some skills and techniques for use in moderating such sessions, identify some powerful advantages provided by the instant and automatic transcript generation capabilities of chat session software, and characterize some important research questions to be addressed in future research. 


Keywords: online focus groups, qualitative, focus group methodology, file-sharing, digital music, digital media


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Perspectives on Management Research Design and Orientation: Quandaries and Choices  pp137‑144

Beverley Jones

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A Researcher's Dilemma ‑ Philosophical and Methodological Pluralism  pp145‑154

Karl Knox

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From PostGrad to Professional: Useful tips for choosing and executing a doctoral thesis  pp155‑160

Sam Lubbe

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Historiography — A Neglected Research Method in Business and Management Studies  pp161‑170

John O'Brien, Dan Remenyi, Aideen Keaney

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