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Journal Issue
Volume 12 Issue 2, ECRM 2014 / Nov 2014  pp75‑167

Editor: Ann Brown

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Editorial for ECRM special issue  pp75‑76

Ann Brown

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Overcoming Barriers: Qualitative Interviews With German Elites  pp77‑86

Hilary Drew

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Equipping the Constructivist Researcher: The Combined use of Semi‑Structured Interviews and Decision‑Making maps  pp87‑95

Reza Mojtahed, Miguel Baptista Nunes, Jorge Tiago Martins, Alex Peng

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Abstract: An interview is a technique used by qualitative researchers to elicit facts and knowledge about the phenomenon under investigation using a series of interview questions. Nonetheless, the establishment of conversation and negotiation of meaning during the interview process is still challenging for those who conduct interviews, no matter how skilled or experienced researchers are with the process. It is felt in particular that researchers would benefit from the use of an instrument that, in the course of semi‑structured interviews, would foster an environment where the ideas and meanings conveyed by informants could be developed and further discussed in order to achieve a deeper understanding of the phenomenon under investigation. Therefore, th is paper attempts to develop and introduce decision‑making maps as a new instrument to be used during the process of conducting semi‑structured interviews. This newly proposed instrument is inspired by the concept and practice of perceptual mapping. The p aper discusses the rationale for proposing the development and application of decision‑making map in the context of semi‑structured interviews, and reflects on the range of implications for the researcher, for participants, and for the practice of qualita tive research that claims affiliation with constructivism. 


Keywords: Keywords: inductive research, constructivism, qualitative interview, perceptual mapping, decision-making map


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The Long, Brown Path Before me’: Story Elicitation and Analysis in Identity Studies  pp96‑106

Ali Rostron

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The Pervasiveness and Implications of Statistical Misconceptions Among Academics with a Special Interest in Business Research Methods  pp107‑120

Frank Bezzina, Mark Saunders

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Using a Learning Contract to Introduce Undergraduates to Research Projects  pp121‑130

Zelma Bone

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Learning Research Methods: How Personalised Should we be?  pp131‑138

Martin Rich

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Exposing the Influencing Factors on Software Project Delay with Actor‑Network Theory  pp139‑153

Zana Ahmedshareef, Robert Hughes, Miltos Petridis

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From Art for Arts Sake to Art as Means of Knowing: A Rationale for Advancing Arts‑Based Methods in Research, Practice and Pedagogy  pp154‑167

Sally Eaves

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