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Journal Issue
Volume 12 Issue 1 / Jul 2014  pp1‑74

Editor: Ann Brown

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Editorial for General Issue  pp1‑2

Ann Brown

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Multicollinearity in Marketing Models: Notes on the Application of Ridge Trace Estimation in Structural Equation Modelling  pp3‑15

Jenni Niemelä-Nyrhinen, Esko Leskinen

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The Impact of non‑Equidistance on Anova and Alternative Methods  pp16‑26

Bjorn Lantz

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SEM for Experimental Designs: An Information Systems Example  pp27‑40

Saurabh Gupta

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Surveying Adolescents: The Impact of Data Collection Methodology on Response Quality  pp41‑53

Beverly Wright, Alphonso O. Ogbuehi

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Abstract: There is wide agreement in the methodology community that the choice of data collection mode may affect the quality of response. In addition, the method of choice may also influence respondent behavior and feelings which may also impact the qual ity of data. This research examines response quality and respondent satisfaction measures compared across three data collection methods among male adolescent respondents. Results suggest that adolescents provide improved levels for several dimensions of response quality when participating in interview‑based research studies compared to text‑based methods such as electronic form and paper and pencil formats. 


Keywords: Keywords: Response quality, adolescent respondents, male respondents, interview-based methodology, text-based methodology, response distortion


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Using the Multiple Case Study Design to Decipher Contextual Leadership Behaviors in Indian Organizations  pp54‑65

Veena Vohra

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Theory Testing Using Case Studies  pp66‑74

Ann-Kristina Løkke, Pernille Dissing Sørensen

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