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Journal Issue
Volume 11 Issue 2, ECRM 2013 / Dec 2013  pp53‑117

Editor: Ann Brown

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Editorial ‑Special Issue Volume 11 issue 2  pp53‑54

Ann Brown

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Lessons from the field: Applying the Good Reporting of A Mixed Methods Study (GRAMMS) framework  pp55‑66

Roslyn Cameron1

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Advancing Polyphonic, Multi‑layered and Authentic Narrative Inquiry: Actor Sensemaking during Transformational Change  pp67‑83

Sally Eaves, John Walton

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Promoting the case for Using a Research Journal to Document and Reflect on the Research Experience  pp84‑92

David Lamb

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Abstract: This paper draws upon a personal research journey and makes the case for recording this experience using a research journal. tol The context for this paper is based on a study of family life and leisure, which collected data using more tradition al qualitative methods, namely focus groups and interviews with pre‑birth and post birth couples and leisure managers in New Zealand. The research design for this study was based on phenomenology, where the experience of the subjects being studied was sig nificant and involved developing an understanding of the lived experiences of pre‑birth and post‑birth couples, where the way they acted was dependent upon their understanding and meaning of their behavior (Waters, 1994) This paper draws on the research ers own reflections recorded in a research journal, whilst undertaking this research study over a five year period. The paper discusses the meaning and importance of reflection as a way of evaluating the researchers own research journey and highlights a number of issues with reference to the validity of such data. The paper concludes by revisiting the key benefits of reflection and affirms the belief that research journals are a useful tool, which enables the researcher to record personal thoughts and o bservations in a systematic manner. 


Keywords: Keywords: personal, research journey, phenomenology, observing, writing, journal, reflection, y, qualitative research


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Narrative inquiry and the study of collaborative branding activity  pp93‑105

Cathi McMullen, Ian Braithwaite

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Applying Knowledge Cartography Techniques and Tools to Facilitate the Process of Realist Synthesis  pp106‑116

Leonel Tractenberg

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Rediscovering Grounded Theory  pp117‑117

A Book Review by Dan Remenyi

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