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Journal Issue
Volume 10 Issue 1 / Jan 2012  pp1‑52

Editor: Ann Brown

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The Use of Narratives to Reveal the Secret Data of Organisational Life  pp1‑8

Andrew Armitage, Alan Thornton

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Mixed Methods: Combining Expert Interviews, Cross‑Impact Analysis and Scenario Development  pp9‑21

Matthias Muskat, Deborah Blackman, Birgit Muskat.

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The article depicts a mixed methodology case which uses a qualitative‑quantitative‑qualitative approach. The research described used qualitative work with expert interviews for data collection, a quantitative analysis of the interviews and then a qualitative method of final scenario development for analysing and presenting the results. The case is offered to demonstrate that the introduction of the quantitative step of a cross‑impact‑analysis, which gives a mixed methodology, was beneficial for the overall research leading to surprising results that could not have been achieved with only a qualitative approach. Having a quantitative analysis step in‑between, which demonstrated the most frequent and consistent results out of a wide range of overall possibilities, helped reduce researcher bias, thereby increasing the credibility of the findings. The paper concludes that judiciously used mixed methodology in general, and this approach in particular, will give researchers using qualitative data collection a much stronger foundation in terms of the analysis and display of data. 


Keywords: research methods, mixed methods, expert interviews, cross-impact analysis, scenario building


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The Multidisciplinary Nature of Business Strategy: Suggesting a Rhizome Paradigm  pp22‑33

Eli Noy, Aim Deulle Luski

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The Effect of Misspecification of Reflective and Formative Constructs in Operations and Manufacturing Management Research  pp34‑52

Subhadip Roy, Monideepa Tarafdar, T.S. Ragu-Nathan, Erica Marsillac

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